The future of Jobs

The Dual Challenge of Globalization and Robotization

Offered: Spring 2016

Over the last two decades, the globalization of production and labor markets has made jobs and working conditions increasingly more precarious around the world. Against this backdrop, we are now at the dawn of a technological revolution with potentially systemic impact on production, jobs, and livelihoods.

Through Analysis and hands-on activities, we study the impact of globalization and robotization on the future of jobs in the Global North and South. Where will the jobs of the future be? If technology were to enable us to work less, what would new social contracts have to look like so that people can have a decent living?

The course meets six times, Wednesday nights (Jan 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, March 2), 7-9:30pm. Class length will vary depending on activity (lecture, discussion, lab work). Students are required to attend the conference on the same topic (Feb 19-20).