Campus Updates

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Global Curriculum

Cross-College Initiatives

The McCulloch Center promotes cross-disciplinary inquiry into key elements of globalization through these programs.

Zainab Salbi

Carol Hoffman Collins Global Scholars

Each year the McCulloch Center hosts a scholar-in-residence who engages the community in dialogue on important global issues in a variety of settings.
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Global Challenges Conferences

A biennial conference bringing scholars and practitioners together to analyze global challenges from cross-disciplinary and cross-national perspectives.

Department and Program Offerings

Many departments and programs at MHC are offering courses, which explore - from their respective disciplinary vantage points - different dimensions of globalization and analyze issues and challenges whose scope transcends national boundaries.

In developing new curricular initiatives the McCulloch Center will especially promote cross-disciplinary teaching with a focus on comparative perspectives, where the challenges of a global world are interrogated in courses team-taught by two faculty members from different disciplines.