Summer Research FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for summer research funding?

With the Universal Application Form, students can apply for financial from numerous funds on campus that support international research project. While some funds are specifically for international research, i.e. the GSSF, other funds, such as the MHC Summer Research Fellowship and the Weed Fellowship, can support both domestic and international research.

Who is eligible to apply for MHC funding for international summer research projects?

Sophomores and juniors may apply for funding through the Universal Application Form for summer projects abroad.

How do I develop an international summer research project?

International research projects typically grow out of coursework that students do at MHC. Many students work with the international colleagues of a faculty advisor to develop a summer project, work with a MHC faculty member who is abroad for the summer, or conduct research independently under the supervision of a MHC faculty member who remains in South Hadley.

What are the requirements for students who are awarded the Global Summer Studies Fellowship (GSSF)?

GSSF recipients are required to complete their proposed project and a 4-credit independent study when they return to campus. They are also required to present their research and results at the LEAP Symposium in the fall semester.