Global Engagement Award

This annual award is given to a senior by the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives in recognition of outstanding commitment to raising awareness of critical global issues across campus and beyond.

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Photo of Bahia Marks and Moreen Tonny
Bahia Marks '15 worked to advance empowerment and build community; Moreen Tonny '15 led engagement across a range of compelling global issues.
Julia Kellerbauer '18 accepting award
Julia organized an international affairs organization and faculty panel to address global politics at Mount Holyoke College.
Photo of Senia Bachir-Abderahman ’10 receiving the Global Engagement Award
Senia Bachir-Abderahman ’10 was recognized for her work in raising awareness about refugee life and of the plight of the people of the Western Sahara.
Ellen Chilemba
Ellen was recognized for her work work to advance women’s empowerment through microfinance, fabric design and production, and education initiatives.
Pres. Pasquerella, Michaella Coughlin ‘16, Uzma Hussein ’14, Anita Haidary ’14
Anita Haidary ’14 works to empower women and girls in Afghaninistan; Uzma Hussein ’14 & Mikela Coughlin ‘16 supported the Somali refugee tutoring project.
Photo of Aleefia Somji ’09
Aleefia was recognized for her remarkable work in raising awareness about HIV/AIDs, both in India and here at Mount Holyoke.
Rio + 20
Ahdi Mohammed '13, Angela Kim '13, and Julianna Lord '13 were part of a team of 5 MHC students who actively participated in the Rio+20 UN conference.
Global Engagement Awardees 2017 - Azulina Green (l) and Thaenpaavai Kannan (r)
Azulina was recognized for her work toward an inclusive global community and Thaen for her work with the Global Connections conference.