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Global-Local Inequalities: Social Change for Sustainable Communities (Coll-115)

Photo of the group of teachers taking part in the Coll-115 course on Global-local inequalities

What can we do, as individuals and organizations, to address the growing inequalities at the global and local level? At the core of inequalities lies unequal access to resources. In this multidisciplinary course, we analyze how institutions, policies, and distribution of power - at the country and global level - shape access to resources at a given point in time. The course culminates in a conference where we explore how organizations navigate these constraints and take action to advance access to resources and make communities more sustainable.

We focus on three interrelated areas:

  1. Built environment (access to housing, electricity, transportation)
  2. Food security (access to affordable & nutritional food, land rights, water), and
  3. Income-generating activities for women (access to education, training, funding).

The conference features change makers, locally and from abroad, including many alumnae. It also offers students in the class opportunities to get feedback on their own innovative ideas, to network, and to participate in skills workshops.

The class meets five Monday nights: January 29 - February 26, 7 to 9:30 pm. Students are required to attend the evening lecture by Branko Milanovic, world-renowned expert on global inequality on February 8, 2018, 7 pm, and to participate in the conference on February 16-17, 2018.

Note:  Counts as a Global Perspectives course requirement for the Global Competence Award