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Global/Local Initiative

Catheleen Heyliger "No More" Project in Haiti

The Global/Local initiative supports student learning and community engagement across borders.  Students connect Community-Based Learning (CBL) experiences in local communities and learning on campus to international internships, research, and social innovation projects around the world, or a signature Global/Local opportunity in Monteverde, Costa Rica. MHC's Global/Local Fellowship provides qualifying students with resources, a clear but flexible framework, and a supportive learning community for advanced Global/Local work.

Select examples demonstrate the high-value impacts of this integrative and comparative work:

  • After her community-based research project in Managua, Nicaragua revealed the need for a community-based learning center, Mika Kie Weissbuch ('11) sought out training in digital storytelling through a CBL course in Springfield, MA. She later returned to Managua to work with her Nicarguan collaborators to establish Podcasts for Peace.
  • While interning with Socios en Salud (Partners in Health - Peru), Caledonia Moore ('14) was invited to share first responder training with promotoras (community health workers) in Lima. A leader in MHC's EMT squad, Moore then secured the Davis Projects for Peace grant to expand training for Socios en Salud.
  • Catheleen Heyligger ('16) connected learning and solidarity to work for women's rights and social justice, from her hometown of Léogâne, Haiti, to her current home of Brooklyn, NY, to MHC's neighboring community of Chicopee, MA.

In 2015-16, Heyligger, Amelia Gonzalez-Pinal ('16), and Melina Baron-Deutch ('16) comprised the inaugural cohort of Global/Local Fellows.  A second cohort has emerged through the Global/Local "hub" in Monteverde, Costa Rica.

To learn more about the Global/Local Fellowship Program in 2017-18, co-organized with MHC's CBL Program, contact Ruby Maddox, International Internships Coordinator.

Voices From Inside write read lead image
Top image: Catheleen Heyliger ('16) working with community members in Léogâne, Haiti on the "No More" project to empower women and combat sexual violence. Image below: Catheleen's work for women's rights continued locally with Voices From Inside.