Global Images Contest 2005-2006

Honorable Mention

A Place for the Soul - Kazan, Tatarstan
Kaitlyn Wild '06

A ten-year-old mosque rises above the walls of a 1,000-year-old fortress. These walls, the walls of Kazan's ancient kremlin have stood the test of time, but the original Kul-Sharif Mosque guarded by them was destroyed by the intolerant regime Ivan the Terrible brought with him when he conquered the city and the Kazan' Khanate it ruled in the 1500s. Nearly five hundred years later, the Tatars, a people often considered the quintessential barbarians despite having had a distinct culture since the fall of Rome, have rebuilt their mosque and are rebuilding their ancient city as they, like the rest of the Russian Federation, work to embrace a more open post-Soviet era.