Global Images Contest 2007-2008

Marisa Ekstein-Kon

Honorable Mention

Besides the sound crunching of my feet on the gravel, it was a quiet morning. I walked down the driveway and took in the beauty of a landscape void of modern technology, relentlessly adhering to the principles of a world that I had imagined lost. Nearby, hundreds of sheep grazed along the steep slope slowly moving in unison. There was a villa on the hill in front of me, surrounded by a few bushes and cypress, outlined by the rising sun directly behind. Just then I caught sight of the light bouncing off a single window. I searched for it among the cypress in the hills behind, thinking that perhaps the sun beams would reveal another window. But it was instead the town of Volterra, emerging out of the early morning mist and I, awestruck, took a long, deep breath.

Marisa Ekstein-Kon '08