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Guy Standing

2006 Carol Hoffmann Collins Global Scholar-in-Residence

October 16-20, 2006

Guy Standing's Visit to MHC

Guy Standing

  • World-renowned expert on the working conditions, labor markets, and social protection policies in developed and developing countries
  • Former Director of the Socio-Economic Security Programme of the International Labour Organization, based in Geneva (1999-2006) after many other prestigious posts with the ILO
  • Professor of Economic Security at the University of Bath, England
  • Former professor of Labour Economics at Monash University
  • Dr. Standing was a member of Bruno Kreisky's Commission on European Employment, a consultant to the U.S. President's Commission on Unemployment Statistics and to many governments and international bodies, including the World Bank, the UNDP, the European Commission, and the UN High Commission on Human Rights.
  • Published:
    • Economic Security for a Better World (Geneva, ILO, 2004). Coordinating writer and editor with Programme staff. Revised edition, August 2005; in English/French.
    • Towards a Basic Income Grant for All: Basic Income Grant Pilot Project Assessment Report, contributor (Windhoek, Basic Income Grant Coalition, Sept. 2008).
    • Report on the World Social Situation 2007: The Employment Imperative, main contributor (New York, United Nations, 2007).
    • Building a Progressive Flexibility in South Africa: Labour and Social Policy for the 21st Century (Pretoria, Department of Labour, 2007).
    • etc.
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