Frequently Asked Questions

Who may participate in the Pre-Orientation Program for International Students?
The Pre-Orientation Program for International Students is for international students who need a visa to enter the U.S. and students who live abroad, but are U.S. citizens or green card holders.  Since some of the programming will involve immigration-related issues, students who don't need a visa don't have to participate in these sessions, but should participate in others.  They are also welcome to come to other sessions such as the shopping trip.  Cross-cultural workshops and sessions about transitioning to life in the U.S. will also be offered throughout the academic year.  Some of these sessions will be offered by ISOC (International Student Organizing Committee).  These upperclass international students will also welcome you when you arrive on campus for Pre-Orientation.  Do check out the ISOC Facebook page when you have a chance and "like" it!

What happens after I arrive?
You will be able to pick up your key to your residence hall room right after you arrive.  Staff of the McCulloch Center and members of the International Student Organizing Committee (ISOC) will be available to answer questions and offer help.

What will I need during the first night?
There will be food available and you will be able to eat dinner on campus.  However, since Mount Holyoke does not supply sheets, pillows, or blankets for beds, you should either bring a pillow and sheet with you, or be prepared to sleep without any bed linen for one night.  You will also receive an email during the summer which asks you if you would like to purchase linen online, which will be delivered to your room so that you'll have it when you arrive.  There will also be a shopping trip the next day to allow you to purchase bed linen, a pillow and any other essentials you will need for the first few days.

Can I stay on campus during breaks?  
All students may stay on campus during Thanksgiving and Spring Break (in March).  All students who have their primary address (listed with Mount Holyoke--where bills are sent) may apply to stay in Creighton Hall (on campus) during Winter Break, the time between the end of first semester (last day of final exams) and the beginning of January intersession.  No dining halls are open during Winter Break, but cooking facilities are available.  The McCulloch Center organizes a number of shuttle trips to local supermarkets and the Holyoke Mall during this time.

Can I stay on campus during the summer?
See Residential Life's web page about summer housing for the most up-to-date information.