International Students

Mount Holyoke College and the McCulloch Center offer international students a powerful personal and intellectual experience to advance their program of study and build global competence through CHANGE:

For almost 180 years Mount Holyoke College has attracted students from many backgrounds and cultures.  Most international students are studying towards a bachelor's degree and enter as first-year, transfer, or Frances Perkins students. International Exchange students and International Guest Students normally spend one year at the College and are awarded the "Certificate for International Students" following successful completion of their program of study.  More detailed information about these programs can be found on this site or on the Office of Admission web site.

In 2016-2017 international (non-immigrant) students from 61 countries are attending Mount Holyoke and will comprise 28% of the student body. At Mount Holyoke, we truly value diversity and recognize that internationalism can be defined in many different ways.  The figures above refer to students who need a visa to enter the U.S. and do not take into account U.S. citizens or permanent residents who live abroad. Questions?  Please contact Donna Van Handle (, Dean of International Students.