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International Students

Students across the globe are drawn to Mount Holyoke because of the powerful living and learning experience the College provides. This has been the case since the first international students arrived at Mount Holyoke in 1839.

Visionary educators, public figures, artists, and entrepreneurs: our international alumnae have made their mark on the world.

When you come to Mount Holyoke, you’ll live and study among the same thriving, dynamic community of thinkers and doers from around the world.

Last year, students from 61 countries— or more specifically, those who needed visas — studied at MHC. They entered as first-year, transfer, or Frances Perkins students working toward a bachelor’s degree or through other academic programs.

Citizenship of International Students 2019-2020

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Interactive map showing numbers of students and their countries of citizenship

Afghanistan 1
Bahamas 1
Bangladesh 11


Belarus 1
Brazil 3
Bulgaria 2
Burundi 1
Canada 3
China 351
Dominican Republic 1
El Salvador 1
Ethiopia 4
France 3
Germany 5
Ghana 12
Greece 1
Haiti 1
Hong Kong 2
India 37
Indonesia 2
Iraq 1
Italy 1
Jamaica 1
Japan 8
Jordan 1
Kenya 4
Malaysia 2
Morocco 2
Nepal 21
Nigeria 4
Pakistan 37
Paraguay 1
Philippines 1
Poland 1
Russia 4
Saudi Arabia 1
Singapore 1
South Africa 2
South Korea 26
Sri Lanka 4
Switzerland 2
Taiwan 4
Tanzania 1
Thailand 4
Uganda 1
United Kingdom 6
Vietnam 44
Yemen 1
Zimbabwe 1

Visas & Immigration

Ensure your entry to the United States is as smooth as possible.

Incoming Students

Forms, guidelines, and instructions for new international students.

Signature Programs

Discover the cultural and social programs that enrich the international student experience at MHC.  


Get help with filing your taxes, or applying for a Massachusetts ID or driver’s license, among other things.