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International students may occasionally have questions about academic matters such as how they can exempt from the language requirement. There are also some other important academic issues affecting international students at MHC.  Here are some of the more important ones.

Academic Responsibility

Mount Holyoke students are bound by the Honor Code, a standard of behavior in academic and social circumstances.  In your home country you may have learned a particular code of academic conduct.  This code may be different from the academic code of conduct in effect in the U.S. (and at MHC).  There may be a large cultural gap between what was expected of you when you were in school at home and what is expected of you here.  We have prepared a special informational pamphlet called Academic Responsibility at Mount Holyoke: What International Students Should Know.  Please this useful resource, which will help you learn what to do to remain academically honest and avoid committing an Honor Code violation.

Language Requirement

There is a language requirement for ALL students at Mount Holyoke.  This requirement is not automatically waived for international students.  However, if you would like to be considered for exemption from this requirement, consult the important information about fulfilling the language requirement and then email the Director of Student Success and Advising/Dean of Studies, if you think you qualify. Note that International Exchange and International Guest Students do not have to fulfill the language requirement.


Before you as an international student decide to reclassify, it is important for you to know how reclassification can affect financial aid. Please read the following document entitled Important Information for International Students and their Advisors very carefully and share the information with your academic advisor before you make the decision to reclassify.

Any questions about these or other academic matters should be directed to your academic dean.  You can also contact Bri Rhodes, Director of International Student Advising.