Duties of Foreign Fellows

In addition to electing academic courses, Foreign Fellows receive a stipend for working a maximum of 8 hours per week (this includes preparation time) for the language department with which they are affiliated. The nature of their work involves leading a maximum of 5 conversation sessions per week and participating in the department's language table, language club, and assisting with other cultural activities. The total amount of time worked should not exceed 8 hours per week.

Foreign Fellows should not grade any work, but may be expected to provide an evaluation of students’ work at the end of the semester. Correction of homework assignments might, at times, be requested. In those cases, the homework should not be graded. The correction time will be considered part of the 8 hours per week that the Foreign Fellow is expected to work for the department.

Some language departments pre-schedule the times of the conversation sessions facilitated by the Foreign Fellows. If there is an occasional conflict with an academic course that the Foreign Fellow would like to take or needs to take to fulfill a requirement at her home university, she should contact the department to see if an accommodation can be made. However, this may not always be possible.

Before Foreign Fellows begin their duties, each language department will supply them with the following information:

  • A written summary of the Foreign Fellow's departmental responsibilities in the form of guidelines. Here are links to the guidelines for each language:
    Chinese        French        German        Italian        Spanish
  • A copy of all course materials for each course in which the Foreign Fellow is assisting as well as access to the course Web site or ELLA site.
  • A weekly outline of what to do in each conversation session to be discussed with the course instructor (procedure in some departments) or a detailed syllabus so that Foreign Fellows know how to plan each session.
  • A list of the students in each conversation session, as well as meeting place and time for each session.
  • Keys to the language department office (supplied by the department’s administrative assistant).
  • Access to a copy (xerox) machine and instructions on the procedure for making photocopies.

During the semester Foreign Fellows should meet regularly with the department liaison and with instructors of the courses with which they are assisting.

Questions or problems should be addressed to the following individuals (in this order):

The language department liaison (a professor).
The chair of the language department.
Donna Van Handle, Dean of International Students.
This document has been officially endorsed by FLEX
(Foreign Language Executive Board).