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International Students at MHC

International students comprise 27% of Mount Holyoke's student body and are citizens of over 70 different countries. 

As one international student remarked: Due to its globally diverse student body I think Mount Holyoke definitely attracts domestic students who are very open and interested in living in an international community. This made my integration much easier. I also think that my experience here has been so much richer, since I have friends from different backgrounds who have introduced me to new perspectives like no book or movie could have. Some of the midnight discussions about life with my Haitian, Sri Lankan, American and Pakistani friends over a cup of tea have been truly mind-boggling.

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MHC International Students on the Map

At Mount Holyoke, we truly value diversity and recognize that internationalism can be defined in many different ways. This map shows our students by citizenship. It does not take U.S. citizens/permanent residents, who live abroad, or dual-citizens' second citizenship into account. These numbers reflect all enrolled students, even students who are currently on leave or studying abroad.