Important Services

When you are present in the United States on a non-immigrant student visa, you may need help filing your U.S. tax return (required of all international students), need an emergency loan, or wish to obtain a Massachusetts ID.

For more information: contact Bri Rhodes, Director of International Student Advising.

Photo of a sample Massachusetts ID card
International students may may need another form of identification in addition to a passport and MHC ID. Learn how to obtain a Massachusetts ID.
Photo of a social security card
If you are on work study and work on campus (or if you get a job on campus), or if you have a Global Loan, you must have a social security number.
Photo screenshot of the Mobility International USA video
The McCulloch Center works to ensure that international students who have a documented disability receive the accommodations they need.
Photo of a federal tax form
Find answers to questions about filing federal and state taxes: who needs to file, when and how.
Photo of Paws as a patient in the health center
International students at Mount Holyoke are required to enroll in the College's Student Health Insurance Plan. Learn more.