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Medical Expenses and Insurance

Student Health Insurance Plan

International students at Mount Holyoke are required to enroll in the College's Student Health Insurance Plan. Please read the MHC Health Plan Summary carefully and consult the MHC Student Health Plan Booklet on a regular basis to see what medical expenses are covered under the MHC Student Health Insurance Plan. You should also receive a health insurance card when you arrive on campus. If you do not receive this card, please contact the Health Center immediately.

As part of the Student Health Insurance Plan, students may take advantage of EyeMed Vision Care, a discount plan which offers access to over 45,000 independent providers, even those in retail stores such as LensCrafters and Target Optical. You should receive a special EyeMed ID card, which immediately allows you to take advantage of the savings. You can have your eyes examined, purchase eyeglasses, conventional contact lenses and even non-prescription sunglasses at savings between 15% and 45% off regular retail pricing. To find out about providers in the South Hadley area, go to EyeMed Visioncare and choose the "Access" network from the drop-down network option menu. If you have not received an EyeMed ID card, please contact Gallagher Koster Insurance to request one. The telephone umber is 800-433-7815.

As part of the Student Health Insurance Plan international students have the opportunity to utilize the Dental Savings Program operated by Basix "to provide students access to general and specialty dental care from a select network of local dentists". The above quote is located on page 6 of the Student Medical Insurance Plan pamphlet. Please refer to the Basix web site for a list of local dentists participating in the dental savings program. The list of local dentists who participate in the plan includes pertinent contact information such as their address, phone number, etc. Remember that this is a DISCOUNT PLAN and does not pay for services in full. You can also call Basix at 801-274-7800 with any questions you may have. Unfortunately, at the present time there are no dentists in South Hadley listed among the providers. The closest dentists are in Amherst or Holyoke. However, you can travel to Amherst on the Five College bus and visit a dentist there.  Be sure to check the "fee schedule" on the web page to see what you would have to pay for various services. You will notice that you will save a lot by going to a dentist on the provider list.

There is another local dental clinic located a few miles away from the College.  If you have an dental emergency, we advise you to call this clinic:

Chicopee Health Center (Dental Clinic)
505 Front Street
Chicopee MA

If you have any questions about medical expenses, please contact Donna Van Handle, Dean of International Students.