Student Orgs with a Global Focus


Arab Association
The MHC Arab Association aspires to increase awareness on the Arab culture and identity. Those interested in learning and being part of a unique cultural experience are encouraged to join us in our activities and meetings. The events aim to present facets of the countries in the Middle East and Africa including cuisine, literature, art and current events. The involvement in the association will be complimentary to students studying the Arabic language or the Middle East.

Asian American Students in Action (AASIA)
Asian American Students in Action (AASIA) was founded at Mount Holyoke College in 1992 to address and bring about awareness for issues affecting Asians in America.  It serves as a support group and a voice for AAPI students on campus.  AASIA also works to unite the AAPI community with other groups for students of color and other allies against racism and social and economic injustice.

Asian Students' Association (ASA)
ASA is an inclusive organization aimed to celebrating Pan Asian heritage while increasing awareness of and appreciation for people of Asian decent and their varied cultures within Mount Holyoke and in the wider community.

Association of Pan-African Unity - (APAU)
APAU, an organization for persons of African descent and allies, plans and implements activities and programs designed to increase awareness of Africa's unique and diverse cultural heritage within the Mount Holyoke and the Five College community. APAU also serves as a support group that facilitates social activities to bring women of color together. APAU serves as a safe space for students of the African Diaspora and all who share, believe and support the philosophies, traditions and values of APAU.

AWAZ is established to spread greater awareness and inspire appreciation of South Asian culture and heritage through cultural showcases, public dialogue and other interactive endeavors engaging those of the Mount Holyoke community and beyond.

Chinese Cultural Association (CCA)
The Chinese Cultural Association (CCA) is an organization dedicated to helping students learn about and share the Chinese culture and it's beauties. We seek to promote multicultural awareness at Mount Holyoke College and the surrounding communities. We hope to foster a sense of community among its members, to create a family aboard. In addition we also want people in our communities to experience new customs and traditions that make up the Chinese Culture. We want to also note that you are not required to be Chinese to be a member. The Chinese Cultural Association at MHC welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about our culture, make new friends, or anyone that just wants have a good time!

French Club
French Club is a way to get engaged in the Francophone cultures around the world that are concentrated at MHC. It is a great way to practice French with other students and learn of the many French speaking cultures. Instagram: @Mhcfrenchclub

German Club
The German Club seeks to promote the German language and the cultures in German-speaking countries, while demystifying common stereotypes. It provides a forum for discussion of issues related to German culture and provides a friendly environment to make new friends and experience a different culture.

Italian Club (Il Gruppo Italiano)
We are a student-run organization devoted to the exploration of Italian culture through language, food and film.

Established in 2006, Jhumka is Mount Holyoke College's first fusion dance team, combining Bollywood and other types of dance to create dynamic and entertaining performances. Jhumka performs in the Five College area throughout the year and is known for always bringing a stellar routine to the stage. Their energy is contagious, and when you hear their name, you know you won't be disappointed! 

Kuch Karo: Pakistani Students for Change
Kuch Karo: Pakistani Students for Change is a social activism organization on campus that makes a difference through fundraising for important causes; encouraging political awareness and participation; creating an optimistic and positive attitude about Pakistan and giving a forum to think of critical solutions for the country's major problems.

La Unidad
La Unidad is an organization for those who self-identify as Latina, identify with the culture and language of Latin American countries, and allies to come together to express their identities through cultural, educational, and social activities. Through these activities, we heighten awareness of one another, as well as those in the community at large. We come together to establish a network of communication with other MHC, Five-College, and community organizations. We hope to continue this network among faculty and administration. The Ortega Cultural House is a designated safe space for Latin@s on campus-more inclusive space that supports Latin@s in higher education.

Liga Filipina
Liga Filipina is a Mount Holyoke College student association promoting Filipino culture, understanding, and awareness. It is an inclusive group, open to anyone interested in learning and teaching others about the Philippines and its culture.

Love Across the Coast
Promote education for children in rural China that prepares them to improve their own lives and communities.

MEChA de Mount Holyoke
M.E.Ch.A. de Mount Holyoke College provides a forum for Chican@ activism in the political sphere regarding social, cultural & educational issues.

MHACASA - Mount Holyoke African and Caribbean Student Association
MHACASA shall have the following purposes: a) To be a support group for African and Caribbean Students in the Mount Holyoke College Community. b) To sponsor activities that will bring African and Caribbean Culture to the Mount Holyoke College Community. c) To inform the Mount Holyoke College Community about Africa and the Caribbean and to provide awareness of current and pertinent issues concerning Africa and the Caribbean. d) To cooperate with other Student Associations at Mount Holyoke College, and elsewhere, when appropriate. e) To form a network with African and Caribbean Alumnae of Mount Holyoke College. f) To aid in the recruitment of African and Caribbean students from Africa, The Caribbean, and the African and Caribbean Diaspora.

Model United Nations (MUN)
MHC Model United Nations is part of the larger MUN intercollegiate circuit. On campus, our mission is to prepare our members with speaking, writing, and negotiation skills for them to be able to compete in national conferences. We do that through two weekly trainings. The first happens during the week where we pinpoint specific skills needed to be successful delegates. Then, on Sundays we simulate how a real Model UN committee is run, in which our members can use the skills they've acquired to solve national and international issues. We also co-host the Five College Model United Nations Conference each year along with the MUN clubs in the consortium. FCMUN happens on the MHC campus, so we get to interact with delegates who travel from across the US. In addition to our activities and trainings with our members, we host panels and events that are open to the community. The skills acquired in MUN are translatable to our lives at Mount Holyoke and beyond. 

Muslim Student Association
Mount Holyoke College's Muslim Students Association (MSA) allows every student the opportunity to gather with an encouraging body of Muslims and gain education about the Islamic communities through our events and activities. MSA members are welcomed to be any type of students, including but not limited to people of all gender, race, ethnicity, and faith groups. We warmly invite everyone regardless of their knowledge of Islam and encourage them to become knowledgeable of Islam.

Nepali Student Organization (NEPSO)
The Nepali Student Organization is a place for all Nepali students, friends, and well-wishers to come together for a common ground of shared interests. The club seeks to promote awareness about Nepali culture among the Mount Holyoke community and further contribute to the diversity of the campus. We also seek to raise awareness about social, economic and politico-cultural challenges in Nepal, ranging from basic education, health care and gender equality to human rights through dialogues and lectures.

Raunak Bhangra Dance Team
Bhangra is a traditional folk dance originating in Punjab, a region that spans both India and Pakistan. With its high energy beats, Bhangra music has often been remixed with hip-hop and rap. Raunak Bhangra was established in 2004. Since then, the team has grown stylistically with the input of our audiences and members alike. As the team continues to grow, they hope to spread the knowledge of Bhangra and its culture to the college community and around the Pioneer Valley.

Russian Club
The mission of Russian Club is to further explore Russian language, history, culture, and art outside the classroom, as well as provide opportunities for the community to be exposed to such things, and to foster the Russian [speaking] community at Mount Holyoke.

SHRI: Students of Hinduism Reaching Inwards
Our club's mission is to educate our community about Hinduism, encourage appreciation of the Hindu culture, and to provide a community for Hindu students to embrace their faith. We facilitate this through weekly prayers, meetings, dinner-discussions, community service, and celebrating important Hindu festivals on the Mount Holyoke College campus.   

Students for a Free Tibet
The Mount Holyoke College SFT chapter aims to raise awareness about the Tibetan culture, community, and politics that is especially relevant in today's world. While we hold events geared more towards the political struggle in Tibet, we also have events that present a side of Tibet that commonly gets lost within the politics that has surrounded the country. We have events that expose the Mount Holyoke College community to our food, music, lifestyle, and way of living. In doing so, we hope that we can bring attention to the many other things that any culture is made up of. We hope to continue sharing what we know and love with the Mount Holyoke community.

MHC Taal is a Bollywood fusion dance group which encourages the equal participation of its members in all aspects of the organization. We choreograph our own dance pieces and perform throughout the Five College Consortium. Taal includes interested students from any dance background and all levels of experience. Our performances incorporate different styles of dance ranging from Bollywood, to jazz, hip-hop, and Indian classical. We also seek to serve as an informal forum for transcultural dialogue. Taal offers a fun and welcoming community in which members are encouraged to explore their creative interests.  

Vietnamese Student Association
Established in 2003, Mount Holyoke College Vietnamese Student Association (MHC VSA) is a student organization located in South Hadley, Massachusetts. We provide a warm and casual environment and offer a myriad of social and educational activities that promote Vietnamese culture. We seek to rekindle the essence and beauty of Vietnam through dance, music, discussion, and of course, food. Belonging to a school member of the Five College Consortium, we also frequently collaborate with other VSAs at Smith College, Amherst College, Hampshire College, and University of Massachusetts at Amherst.