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International Student Organizing Committee (ISOC)

ISOC (2018-2019)

As an SGA committee, ISOC organizes special events with an international focus, such as the annual Global Fest, that take place throughout the year.  Some of these events include discussions about what it is like to be an international student in the U.S., as well as conversations and networking workshops with international alumnae.  The Dean of International Students (McCulloch Center) also serves as an advisor to the committee.  Students may apply to join ISOC during SGA's Committee Yourself Week.

If you would like to know what ISOC is currently organizing, please subscribe to the ISOC Newsletter.  Also, please like ISOC's Facebook page and see what it's like to be part of this awesome group!  

Subscribe to the ISOC Newsletter.

Cover artwork for the ISOC Journal.  An illustration of a student hanging pictures on a wall.

ISOC recently published their first journal, The International Experience: WE ARE HERE.

ISOC Members

Di Guo ’21 (co-chair)

Ziran Guo ’21 (co-chair)

Abby Li ’21
Paola Granados Jaramillo ’22
Lydia Cheah ’20
Ahona Salsabil ’21
Suri Sun ’22
Yuanyuan (Rebecca) Zhai ’22
Angel Ebebi ’23
Nhi Nguyen ’23
Linh Mai ’23
Hinako Yamaguchi ’22
Shloka Gidwani ’22
Sohini Bhatia ’23
Regina (Yiyang) Guo ’23