Information for Global Partners

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Information for Global Partners

New international students will be matched with current MHC upper-class students.  These Global Partners will establish contact with each other during the summer (or in the fall if the new students are spring entrants), become acquainted with each other through bi-weekly email communication beginning in June (or in October for spring entrants), meet with each other individually after the new international student arrives on campus, and attend special events organized for all Global Partners.

All Global Partners will

  • learn about different countries and cultures.
  • experience what it means to be a part of the diverse community at MHC.
  • attend a special event for all Global Partners.
  • fill out a program evaluation form.

Upper class Global Partners will

  • provide assistance to a new international student and, we hope, make a new friend.
  • learn to communicate effectively in both group and individual situations without promoting any specific political, religious, or cultural viewpoints.
  • email her Global Partner.
  • support her new Global Partner during her first weeks at MHC.
  • meet with her new Global Partner at least two times during the first month of the semester.