Application Guidelines - MHC-IIP

  1. Get oriented to MHC internship possibilities and processes through the online Lynk Summer Internship UAF Orientation.
  2. Consider what kind of internship best aligns with your academic and professional goals by reflecting on the Internship Advising Questions.
  3. If an IIP placement interests you, communicate with students who have done this internship in the past (not applicable for new internships). It is critical for you to get as much information about your host organization and your host country as possible.
  4. Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss how an international internship connects to your academic program at MHC and discuss learning goals for the summer. You will need a recommendation from a faculty member for your MHC-IIP application, so begin this communication early.
  5. Schedule a pre-application meeting with Kirk Lange, Director of International Experiential Learning by February 24, 2017 (Please call the McCulloch Center at x2072 to schedule an appointment) 
  6. Apply for internships
    1. Apply to IIP/MHConnect placements on LyonNet. The deadline is February 27, 2017.  These placements typically ask for for a cover letter, resume, and faculty reference.  (The CDC has many workshops for crafting strong cover letters and resumes; please refer to their workshop schedule.)  
    2. To be eligile for funding through Lynk UAF, a student must also complete Step 1 of the UAF application by February 17th.
    3. We strongly encourage all applicants to apply for self-developed internships as well.
  7. If you are offered an IIP placement, or a self-designed internship, complete Step 2 of the UAF application no later than May 8, 2017 to secure funding. (Earlier applications are highly encouraged, as international placements often require significant logistics, such as international flights, visas, housing, vaccinations, etc.)

Important Dates to Remember

February 24, 2017: 

  • Deadline to Meet with Kirk Lange, Director of International Experiential Learning for a Pre-Application Meeting

February 27, 2017:

  • Deadline to complete IIP Applications on LyonNet

(To be eligible for funding through Lynk UAF, complete Step 1 of the UAF application according to current deadlines. Deadlines to apply for self-developed internships will vary.)

May 8, 2017: