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Tokyo Woman's Christian University

Photo of MHC student interning with Tokyo Women's Christian University

English Education Intern

Application: Apply on LyonNet

Duration: late-May through mid-July (8 weeks total)
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Housing: Fully furnished on-campus flat (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room)
Funding: The student selected for this internship must apply to the UAF for funding.

Tokyo Woman's Christian University (TWCU) has a long tradition of promoting international exchange. TWCU is delighted to once again offer this summer internship, which has regularly placed MHC students since 2004. It is a unique and high-profile opportunity, ideal for a high-energy student with a strong work ethic, excellent people skills, and a keen interest in cross-cultural communication. The intern will be much like an ambassador of her culture(s) and language(s) to the local students.

Under the supervision of professors and staff, the intern will focus on two main responsibilities to enhance English education at TWCU: one in the Department of Literature and Culture in English, and the other in the Career English Island, a learning center promoting English language for all majors.

In the Department of Literature and Culture in English, the intern will visit English classes to give brief presentations and initiate discussions on various topics.  She will also arrange individual appointments in her office to help students with specific problems such as those encountered in writing academic English. 

In the Career English Island, the intern will participate in and organize activities such as discussion sessions, video viewing sessions, and workshops to enable students to gain confidence in communicating their ideas clearly and effectively in English. The function of the Island is not specifically to fix student errors, but to identify these errors so students can fix them on their own.

Students who are not native speakers of an East Asian language are strongly encouraged to apply.

For a student's perspective on the TWCU position see Pavlina's presentation.

Gabrielle Gutierrez ’15

English Major

“It’s been a pleasure to provide students the opportunity to practice English by conversing with me as well as sharing and exchanging our own cultures and ideas along the way. I have gained not only experience in both a professional and academic environment, but also insight into a foreign culture and some wonderful friends!”

Image of student on laptop

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