Campus Updates

Visit the campus updates page for information on Mount Holyoke's response to the global pandemic. The Opening the Gates site also contains details about the fall semester. 

Global/Local Fellowship Program

Photo of Sinafik Gebru ’15 in Monteverde

Monteverde, Costa Rica is Mount Holyoke's "Global/Local Hub" and hosts a set of signature opportunities for Global/Local Fellows.  Global/Local Fellows connect study at the Monteverde Institute and projects in the Monteverde community to Community-Based Learning (CBL) experiences in MHC's neighbor communities. Students build a border-crossing portfolio of thematically related community-based experiences, in areas such as community development, education, food security, public health, gender, and conservation.

Global/Local Fellows can expect challenging and rewarding experiences that yield high-impact integrative and comparative learning, help build international networks of solidarity, and develop valuable skills and insights across complex contexts. Additionally, Global/Local Fellows receive unique support and recognition for their work. For more information, contact Alan Bloomgarden, Director of Community Engagement.

Goals and Outcomes

The Global/Local initiative directly addresses Mount Holyoke's Global Learning Goals. In particular it enables students to: 
  • Appreciate how societies respond differently to common needs;
  • Nurture an ethic of responsibility for making the world more just and sustainable; and
  • Harness knowledge for the solution of pressing global problems.

By pairing Community-Based Learning experiences in local and international sites, Mount Holyoke students perceive how global phenomena impact both near and distant communities, as well as how specificities of place help determine how these phenomena manifest and how communities respond to them. In short, Global/Local learning reveals how the local and global are mutually constituted and enables powerful comparative insights.

By pairing thematic community engagement across borders, students build solidarities and communities of practice between near and distant organizations and communities.