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Global Research Support Program

Andrea Kim ’17, a neuroscience intern at Boston Children's Hospital

The Global Research Support Program (GRSP) helps students conducting international research, or research in the US on global themes, maximize the benefits of UAF-funded research. GRSP connects students to relevant high-value programming on the MHC campus and to a supportive learning community while in the field. This program runs irregularly. If interested, please check with the McCulloch Center to see if it will be offered in the coming summer.

While students conducting independent research under Lynk/UAF are principally supported by their faculty mentors and their major departments, other resources exist at MHC that can be leveraged by student researchers. Students conducting research abroad—far from their mentors and peers—may particularly benefit from these resources. Support is available across three phases of research work:


  • Student Researcher Networking and Information Sessions
  • Pre-departure Workshop on International Lynk/UAF Projects
  • Pre-departure Session on Studies Abroad

Connection with a Global Network

  • Connection to Online Community of GRSP students (in the field and on campus)
  • Connection to MHC Alumnae in Country of Research Project (as applicable)

Reflection and Next Steps

  • Independent Study Network and other Research Cohorts
  • Presenting Research on Campus (in LEAP, Senior Symposium, or other venue)


Admission to the program is selective. In years when the GRFP is offered, interested students must submit an application on Handshake by the deadline indicated. Applicants in the process of applying for UAF funding, and students with a UAF award in hand, will be considered. UAF funding provides $3000 for domestic research projects and $3600 for international.

Previous Fellows

Student Name major Project Title City
Sanaa Jatoi '14 International Relations “The Persecution of Religious Minorities in Pakistan” Islamabad, Pakistan
Cian Kim '14 Art Studio & Sociology “The Societal Vision of Self: A Visual Response Seoul, South Korea
Yulii Kim'14 Geography "Asian Marriage Migration: A Comparative Case Study" Singapore and Seoul, South Korea
Crystal Reed '14 Gender Studies & Psychology "Sexual and Reproductive Health of Dutch Afro-Caribbean Women" Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Student Name major Project Title City
Miriam Cantor-Stone '12 Religion and Gender Studies Research on Victorian Women's Education & Biblical Discovery London, ENGLAND
Elizabeth DeBassio '12 Dance MADE in France Paris/Mélisey, FRANCE
Ajapa Sharma '13 Sociology Research Intern at Calcutta Research Group Calcutta, INDIA
Claire Skotnes '12 Anthropology Labor, Worker Solidarity, and Survival: An Anthropological Study Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Weixi Lei '12 Psychology and German Studies DAAD RISE Hamburg, Germany

Student Info - Project Focus Country Faculty - Mentor
Sarah Dunn '11
Major: Religion
Early Depictions of St. Clare of Assisi in Art and Writing
Assisi, Italy Larry Lyke
Rebecca Engell '11
Major: Anthropology; Minor: Chemistry
HIV Illness Narratives in Western Mass and Zimbabwe
Harare, Zimbabwe Lynn Morgan
Julie Ghostlaw '11
Major: African-American and African Studies; Politics
Butre Education and Health Cooperative
Butre, Ghana Preston Smith
Marija Tesla '11
Major: English
Gender, Migration, and Memory: Remembering the Almost Forgotten
Croatia Lois Brown
Hexuan Wang '12
Major: Physics
Ultracold Ytterbium Atoms for Precision Measurements
Hamburg, Germany Mark Peterson
Linda Witkowski '11
Major: Film
Minor: Critical Social Thought
Filming the Revolution: The Feminist Aesthetic of Lynn Hershman Leeson
Manchester, U.K. Elizabeth Young

Student Info - Project Focus Location
Elizabeth Cooper, 2010
Grassroots Movements and Resistance to Neoliberalism: Research at The Democracy Center
Carleigh Beriont, 2010
French/Special Major
The Politics of Veiling and Parisian Public Schools
Jarin Chu, 2011
Anthropology and History
The KMT Retreat and Its Effect on Military Dependants' Villages
Elizabeth Carlson, 2010
Medieval Studies and Spanish
Female Anglo-Spanish Relations between 1350 and 1650
Meghan Healy, 2011
English and Romance Languages and Literatures
Contextualizing and Digitalizing Elizabeth Gaskell
Machester, England
Nora, Mariano, 2010
Medieval Studies
William Caxton and Printing in England and the Low Countries
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mary Hansen, 2010
African American and African Studies and Biology
The Politics of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Student Info - Project Focus Country Faculty - Mentor
Kristina Vaklinova, 2009
Astronomy, Mathematics
The Young Star AB Dor in X-Rays
Hamburg, Germany Darby Dyar
Anne Lewis, 2009
Critical Social Thought, Dance
Experimental Performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Edinburgh, Scotland James Coleman
Katherine Newman, 2010
Gender Studies, Spanish
Feminism among Black and Indigenous Women in Nicaragua
Nicaragua Dorothy Mosby
Yana Stainova, 2009
International Relations, Spanish
Reconciliation of Historical memory in Post-dictatorship Chile
Santiago, Chile Christian Gundermann
Marcia Schenck, 2009
International Relations, History and African Studies
Interpreting the Khomani San Land Rights Claim
South Africa Holly Hanson