MHC International Internships Guidelines

Before departing, all MHC International Interns are required to attend "What to Know Before You Go," a pre-departure orientation event that takes place in April. This event is for all students who are planning to learn abroad for the summer and/or year. In addition, all MHC International Interns must attend a mandatory informational meeting scheduled in early April.

Throughout your internship, you are expected to maintain email contact with the McCulloch Center. Send an email when you arrive at your site, verifying your address and contact information and safe arrival. Also verify your supervisor's name and email address. Mid-way through your internship, send a one-page reflective email, identifying what you are learning and how this affects your educational pathway. Include expectations fulfilled and unfulfilled, and any unresolved issues. Consider asking your supervisor for a letter of recommendation before you leave.

After completing your internship, you are required to submit a final report to the McCulloch Center by September 14th. Within the first two weeks following your return to campus, you are required to meet with Kirk Lange to debrief on your experience. You will also discuss options for your presentation at a College event (e.g., the LEAP Conference in the fall, a departmental event, etc.) at this time.

Please note that Mount Holyoke has instituted a new procedure to ensure that scholarship guidelines are upheld. If these requirements are not met, we will place a registration hold on your Spring registration.

Internship sponsors are encouraged to fill out the Internship Sponsor Feedback form.