References for MHC-IIP Applicants


Beginning in 2014, faculty members will no longer provide written student recommendations to the UAF (Universal Application Funding) system.  However, MHC-coordinated internship positions (e.g., those arranged through the McCulloch Center and Miller-Worley Center) will require references.  These references help on-campus committees decide among applicants, and – in many cases – the dossiers for finalists are forwarded to the internship provider for final selection.  We ask that you please submit your reference by 3/3/14.

Reference Option: Letter or Online Form

You are invited to provide a student's reference by either submiting a letter of recommendation (following the guidelines below) or by completing this online form.

Reference Letter Guidelines

  • Please email letters to indicating the name of the student and title of the relevant internship (or internships) in the subject line. 
  • You may either attach a scanned copy of a formal letter on letterhead or simply provide a statement in the body of the email.
  • If the student is applying to more than one MHC-IIP opportunity, it is your prerogative whether to write a single letter speaking to multiple opportunities or to submit multiple letters tailored to the different internships.