MHC-IIP Alumnae Networking Project

Thank you for participating in the MHC-IIP Networking Project.  Through your engagement we aim to support professional networking, strengthen alumnae-student mentoring, and showcase the powerful impacts that internships can yield.

Please provide the name of your current employer/graduate institution/other and your position title/graduate degree sought/other.
Please describe any relationship between your IIP internship and current occupation (e.g., influenced you to choose your professional/academic path; it provided you key qualifications, contacts, or other entree that were important in securing your current position; etc.).
Was MHC-IIP valuable to positioning you for any previous jobs, grad school, awards/distinctions (e.g., Projects for Peace, Fulbright, etc)? If so, please describe how.
We welcome any suggestions you may have for how the McCulloch Center might strengthen IIP networking.