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Nkwa Foundation

Nyasha Franklin at Nkwa Foundation

The NKWA Foundation advances sustainable community development, health promotion and rural education support in Cape Coast, Ghana. 

NKWA multiple internship positions that will build students' experience and skills in the fields of development and social enterprise such as described below:

Tilapia Farm Business Plan:
Nkwa Foundation Tilapia farm project seeks to unite local knowledge and modern agricultural techniques to offer economic sustainability for youth and other marginal groups in the community. Intern will help draft an effective and concise document that covers the following: Mission and Vision, Executive Summary, Product/Service Offerings, Target Market, Marketing Plan, Industry and Competitive Analysis, Financials, etc. and a fresh perspective on NKWA’s goals and strategies. Additionally, interns will will be in contact with key stakeholders such as the local agricultural extension office.

Community Development Impact Assessment
Intern will identify and measure key and secondary performance indicators for Nkwa Foundation’s Community Development, Health, and Education
programs. Fellows will develop guidelines on how to measure success metrics and present them to internal and external stakeholders.

Additionally, internships are possible in organizational development functions, specifically:

Marketing and Outreach
Responsibilities include developing and updating marketing materials for Nkwa Foundation, developing a marketing strategy that includes review of existing marketing goals and target audiences. Fellow will be expected to have a basic understanding of marketing principles and social media. 

Grant Writing & Fundraising Support
Develop a list of grant prospects and an analysis metric, and participate in discussion about opportunities appropriate for Nkwa Foundation. Assist with partnership outreach for collaborative grant writing committees and support on-going grant committees as submissions are drafted. Coordinate follow-up discussions with partners regarding fundraising support with major donors in USA using social media and others strategies to support NKWA’s programs.

Please note that in 2019, Nkwa will be offering summer internships exclusively to students enrolled in the spring course, Engaging Ghana: Inquiry and Action (AFCNA 221). For questions, please contact Ruby Maddox in the McCulloch Center.

Nkwa Foundation -- Cape Coast farmers
The Nkwa Foundation supports community priorities -- from organic farming to health promotion.