Pacific Resources for Education and Learning -- Water for Life Liaison Intern

Water system in Micronesia

*Late-breaking opportunity. Please follow guidelines for rolling applications

Water for Life -- Hawai`i Liaison Internship

Position Description & Scope of Work

 Overall Liaison Purpose:  Share Water for Life activities, projects, and products with communities across Hawai`i, focusing on Native Hawaiian and Micronesian communities, and engage members of these communities more deeply in both advocating for community service learning projects promoting the appropriate and increased uses of rainwater catchment systems, and for informal, community-based science education built on the theme of water.

 Core Liaison Activities:

  • Learn about and understand Water for Life project
  • Gain familiarity with RWCSs and challenges/issues of potable water for Pacific Islands
  • Develop and communicate key concepts related to water
  • Share project learnings, questions, and activities through presentations to community groups, one-on-one dialogs with key individuals, and colloquia with other groups and organizations with relevant interests
  • Listen, survey, and determine needs related to potable water and water conservation among Hawaiian communities
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to ensure ongoing communication among members of Hawaiian communities and Water for Life staff, in order to have WfL better serve and support local communities

 Project Outcomes:

  • Water for Life will have a ‘presence’ among Native Hawaiian and Micronesian communities
  • Products and understandings emerging from Water for Life will be communicated among and shared with communities across O`ahu (and possibly other islands?)


This is an excellent opportunity for a student with a focus on education (informal/community-based, science), community-based learning, development studies, and/or environmental studies. Familiarity with water conservation issues and experience working in Hawai`i or Micronesia, or with Pacific Islander communities prefered but not required.

Water system in Micronesia