Summer Internships

An international internship allows students the chance to be fully immersed in a host country, while contributing to the mission and daily operations of an organization. Working in a different cultural context challenges students to communicate across difference and develop a global perspective in their chosen academic or professional field.  Returned interns find that international internships both enrich their academic programs at MHC and provide valuable skills they can later leverage in their careers.

Students interested in interning abroad are encouraged to explore the MHC International Internship Program (MHC-IIP) or to develop their own international internship.  Sophomores and juniors are eligible for funding for MHC-IIP and other unpaid summer internships through the Lynk Universal Application for Funding

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Hilary Bombard
Philosophy and Sociology Major
MHC International Internship Program
Fulbright Commission
Brussels, Belgium

As an intern I was part of an incredibly diverse and international community. I gained important professional experience, expanded my global network, and gained a better understanding of other countries’ political, economic, social and educational systems. This was my first extended experience outside the U.S., and developing a new perspective of my home country has been one of the greatest gifts of my internship.