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Terevaka Archeological Outreach

Photo of Easter Island and MHC interns


Since 2003, the Archaeological Outreach (TAO) program has explored new ways to encourage a community-based approach to archaeological research and conservation on Rapa Nui (Easter Island) through educational opportunities for local high school students and tour guides.

Over the past ten years, the education program has reached more than seventy local students, three of whom have gone on to receive university degrees in archaeology or conservation. The students have undertaken six distinct research projects—ranging from archaeological survey to documentary film-making to museum studies to ethnographic interviews to micro-environmental analysis. Their research and data have been published on the Internet (, in international conferences, academic journals, newspapers, film festivals, and popular magazines.

While the specific research interests have changed from year to year, the goals of the TAO program remain constant. First, our work aims to utilize archaeology as a foundation for education and opportunity within Rapa Nui’s island community. Second, our projects promote awareness of and expertise in archaeology and cultural conservation. And third, we document, study, and conserve the remarkable treasures of the past that remain on Rapa Nui today.

Intern Responsibilities

In summer 2017 TAO will be running educational programming focusing on cultural heritage/public archeology. Interns assist TAO in conducting these programs, often taking part in all dimensions -- from project design to project publications. Specifically, they will support the organization, implementation, and documentation of education activities/modules for local high school students and tour guides, covering topics such as archaeological survey to documentary film-making to museum studies to ethnographic interviews to micro-environmental analysis.  In many cases, TAO staff and interns will work long, hard days. Interns will be expected to serve as role models, teachers, and friends for local high school students. Interns will also help to guide local students in fieldwork, archival research at the local museum, and computer work for organizing data. Interns will also serve as chaperones for the 15-20 local high school students that camp out on the hotel property for a two-week span.


Interns must be adventurous, passionate about education, and have strong Spanish language skills.  This internship is well suited to students with a background and interest in education, conservation, archaeological research, museum studies, Spanish, sustainability, environmental research, GIS/mapping.


All interns will be expected to take part in internship activities on the island for approximately 6 weeks.


TAO and Explora hotel provide food and accommodations for all interns for the duration of the internship on the island. Interns are responsible for their own airfare and costs of recreational activities on the island.


Interns will spend the majority of their nights camping on the property of Explora hotel. Interns will have regular access to showers, bathrooms, and a dining facility.


All meals will be prepared for interns by the kitchen staff at Explora hotel. Most meals will be served in the staff dining facility of the hotel, but occasionally interns will take bagged lunches for fieldwork of field trips.


Interns will be living for six weeks on one of the most spectacular island settings in the world. The hotel property is located several kilometers away from the island's only town, Hanga Roa. All interns will not only have opportunities to visit Hanga Roa, but they will also take part in a number of group field trips to all corners of the islands. Interns will also have scheduled free time around the hotel to use wi-fi, or relax as they please.


Please apply on LyonNet ASAP.  Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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