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The Social Policy and Governance Programme of UNICEF Viet Nam has several ongoing and anticipated initiatives to which MHC interns could contribute.  Specifically:

  1. Human Rights: promoting independent child rights monitoring, among other means through a workshop in September 2015 with members  of Viet Nam’s National Assembly. This is a good opportunity for a student with interests in human rights (law), public policy, etc.
  2. Child Rights Advocacy and Fundraising: UNICEF Viet Nam will producing several advocacy notes for children’s rights, for example, mainstreaming children’s rights in governmental planning and actions.  This work would benefit from skills and/or background in advocacy and (social) marketing, communications, human rights, fundraising.  The candidate should be an outstanding writer.
  3. Social Protection: UNICEF is developing cash grant programs and needs to review international best practice models which can be applied to Vietnam.  Students with strong analytical and writing skills, an interest in public policy, and coursework in fields such as IR, Sociology, Politics, Economics, etc. would be well equipped.
  4. Public Finance: UNICEF is developing a report on child-sensitive budgeting.  This project requires very strong skills and preferably experience in analyzing public finance data.  Economics majors with finance coursework are preferred.
  5. Innovation for Digital Voices: UNICEFis working to better capture citizens’ voices, in an effort to improve public service quality. One aspect of the project will work to connect young people via mobile technologies.  A strong background in Computer Science would be essential in this role.

Students should submit an application related to one of these project areas.


In addition to the specific desirable skills noted above, the following are common qualifications for all roles:

•    Advanced level undergraduate student
•    Experience in a related field is preferred
•    English and Vietnamese language skills in speaking and writing an asset
•    Excellent communication skills
•    Analytical skills
•    Microsoft office use for applied purposes
•    Excellent ability to work in a team

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