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“The New World Disorder”

Daniella Schwarzer, 2018 Carol Hoffman Collins Global Scholar-in-Residence

Schwarzer is the executive director of the German Council on Foreign Relations and was in residence at Mount Holyoke in October 2018. She answered interview questions and gave a public lecture focused on the growing disintegration of the post-WW II European and global structures of governance and the implications for peace and security.

Interview Excerpts

1. What are the drivers behind the growing world disorder and what are productive steps forward?

2. How do you remain optimistic in the face of on-going disconcerting political developments?

3. What advice do you have for Mount Holyoke students who want to go into politics?


Public Lecture

Daniella Schwarzer

Executive Director of the German Council on Foreign Relations

Photo of Daniela Schwarzer

Dr. Schwarzer is a foremost strategic expert on the economics, politics and foreign relations of the European Union. Not unlike the United States, Europe is facing political fragmentation and polarization — and hard choices. Her visit to campus provided Mount Holyoke students a rare opportunity to understand and participate in the intense discussions of the future of the West now taking place the world over.