Student Stories

Photo of Nada Al-Thawr ’19
”Mount Holyoke is indeed the homiest home away from home.”
Photo of Javeria Kella ’19
“Interacting with international students gives me a broader perspective of the world outside Pakistan, the world that does not exist on news channels.”
Photo of Javeria Kella ’19 in Liberia
Beyond the classroom: Javeria Kella ’19 discusses her internship with Gbowee Peace Foundation in Liberia.
Upasana Sharma ’18 Mount Holyoke College
Upasana Sharma '18: the first MHC student to win a General Course scholarship from the London School of Economics, will study British colonialism.
Photo of Lia Kapanadze ’17
“My views, perceptions, and opinions about the world have been turned upside down and inside out since my first semester here.”
In her pursuit of peace studies, Julia (Juli) Kellerbauer has thrown herself into nearly every global learning opportunity.
Photo of Olivia Lucas ’18 and her host famliy in Cameroon
For Olivia Lucas ’18, multilingualism was her gateway to a new culture and experience of identity.
Christina Elder, Neuroscience Major
Christina Elder ’18 began with a study abroad experience in New Zealand and then returned to that country for an internship studying addiction science.
Alheri Egor-Egbe ’17 (right)
Alheri Egor-Egbe ’17, who took part in the College’s 12th annual Stoling ceremony, honored a mentor who helped shape her journey.
Miralva and Host
Miralva Gusmao was looking to hone her writing skills through an internship someplace altogether different from her Brazilian upbringing and her life here.
Photo of Cat Lamond ’18 in Costa Rica
Cat Lamond ’18 spent six months of her junior year at the world renowned Monteverde Institute (MVI) in Costa Rica.