Change of Plans

An academic leave of absence is granted for the specific programs/universities and period of time specified in your letter of approval. To propose a change in plans that is not substantively different from your original plan of study (e.g., to add another approved program/university in the same country, to change from one semester to another, etc.), complete this form. If you wish to make a more substantive change, such as to study in a different country, you generally will need to submit a new request to study abroad form. If you are not certain which form is appropriate, consult with the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives.

You must consult with your major advisor(s) before you submit this form: the check box at the end requires you to state that you have discussed the change in plans with your advisor(s) and confirmed that you will be able to graduate on schedule. If you have not yet consulted with your advisor(s), do not complete this form now.

Briefly describe the nature of the change that you are proposing.
Be clear about why you want to make this change, and list the specific programs/universities for which you are requesting approval. If you have been awarded a Laurel Fellowship and you are interested in attending a different program/university, explain how the new plan of study is consistent with your original plan, and submit a budget for the new program to the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives.

Tentative list of courses you plan to take.