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Short-Term and Summer Programs

Short-Term Mount Holyoke Courses and Exchanges Abroad

Photo of students studying in Beijing, China

Summer Language Study in Beijing, China

An intensive program of language immersion that covers a full year of Chinese language study in eight weeks.
Photo of the Berlin School of Economics and Law

Berlin School of Economics and Law

A program offering either a spring semester or summer study at one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Berlin, Germany.

Students may also participate in short-term (January, spring break, May) and summer programs abroad sponsored by other colleges and universities. The McCulloch Center does not maintain a list of approved short-term and summer programs, but serves as the approving body for all Mount Holyoke College credit-bearing study abroad programs. Many of the organizations and universities on our approved list of semester programs also offer short-term and summer program options, and that is a good place to start searching. Language faculty may also have advice about language intensive programs. Also see IIE Passport: Short-Term Study Abroad.

Short-term and summer program transfer credits are processed directly by the Registrar's Office, so check there for information in advance about whether and how such courses will transfer. Please be advised acceptance and transfer of credit is at the discretion of the Mount Holyoke College registrar’s office. Credits earned in courses taught in condensed, intensive or alternative formats often transfer to Mount Holyoke at less than full credit-for-credit value.

Ordinarily, liberal arts courses completed with grades of C- or better, and reported on an official transcript issued by an accredited US or recognized foreign university, will be considered for credit transfer; credit for non-liberal arts courses is limited. No more than 12 credits may be transferred from all of the summers and January intersessions between your matriculation at the College and your graduation, with no more than 8 credits per summer and 3 credits per January. See the Registrar's Transfer & Advanced Placement Credit page for additional details.

Students applying for short-term or summer programs for credit, are required to apply for approval from the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives. To obtain a program approval, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Speak with the Registrar regarding the number of credits eligible for transfer
  2. Talk to appropriate academic department if you wish any of the credit to fulfill major/minor/certificate/NEXUS requirements.
  3. Complete MHC Short-Term/Summer (for credit) Request to Study Abroad Form (due no later than 2 months prior to start date of program)
  4. Complete the MHC travel waiver
  5. Submit the program home school authorization/approval forms (paper form or electronically to normally required as part of your application to the program. Note that such authorization forms can ONLY be completed by MCGI (not faculty or other staff).

Program approvals will be subject to MHC standards and policies related to health and safety and student travel abroad and should meet the following criteria:

  • The program must be run by, or have a transcript (“School of Record”) arrangement with, an accredited US institution or a recognized foreign university authorized to award degrees. Language institutes and independent programs will not be approved.
  • Faculty members teaching for the program should have appropriate credentials and background consistent with our expectations for college-level instruction.
  • The program should provide an appropriate orientation, advising, and other support services.
  • The program should be able to provide the names of other US institutions that have sent students on the program in recent years. The list provides a way for us to verify which institutions use the program, and to solicit feedback from other advisors and their students.
  • The program should have a good reputation for adhering to established standards of good practice for student safety, student services, and academic integrity.

No-Credit/Non-transfer of Credit

Students who plan on participating in a short-term or summer study abroad program but are not seeking to transfer credit toward their Mount Holyoke degree do not need approval from Mount Holyoke College as participation is not considered a College sponsored/affiliated activity. Some abroad programs may require a home-school authorization form as part of the application, however, if you do not plan on transferring credit, Mount Holyoke cannot complete such forms.

Scholarships/Financial Aid for Short-term & Summer Study Abroad

Mount Holyoke does not offer any financial aid for short term or summer study, except for our own summer intensive Chinese language program (though students may apply for funding for summer internships and research projects through Lynk/UAF). Many programs offer scholarships, and some outside agencies offer awards that can be used for summer study. See Outside Scholarships for a list of resources.