Financial Aid

  • See the "Procedures for Aid Transfers" section of our website for information regarding the use of Mount Holyoke and/or federal and other outside aid for study abroad. If you have been awarded a Laurel Fellowship and/or you will be using a federal or state loan or grant, check with the Office of Student Financial Services well before you leave campus to make sure that you have submitted all of the necessary information and forms. In particular, all students who expect to use any kind of funds (including federal aid) processed by Mount Holyoke and who will be attending a program not formally affiliated with Mount Holyoke must complete a "Consortium Agreement" to enable Mount Holyoke to process the funds. Further information and forms are available on the web.
  • If a student receives financial aid from the host or sponsoring institution, that institution, not Mount Holyoke, must process all loans and other aid for which she is eligible. Note that federal financial aid guidelines prohibit a student from receiving duplicate financial aid for the same period of time from more than one institution.