Internships and Career Development

Finding an Internship

It is not unusual for students who study abroad to use contacts and resources in their host country to obtain internships for the following summer (or January Term), or to search from abroad for an internship in the U.S. Both the Career Development and the Center for Global Initiatives websites contain a wealth of information to assist you, including information on previous internships held by Mount Holyoke students, how to use the available alumnae contacts, how to apply for transcript notation, etc. See the Career Development Center and the Center for Global Initiatives websites for details. Students who fill out a CareerNet Card or who sign up for the CGI Internship list serve will receive e-mail announcements about specific internship opportunities as they arise.

Planning Ahead for Graduate Applications and/or Job Search

Students who will be away for all or part of their junior year, particularly in the spring, should look ahead for information about graduate school and employment application procedures and cycles so that they will know what to expect during their senior year.