Keeping in Touch with Mount Holyoke

  • Submit your overseas mailing address using the address notification form in ISIS; read more about forwarding and redirecting mail on the auxiliary services website. College offices may send mail to your leave address or your home address (but are most likely to contact you via your MHC e-mail address). 
  • Arrange for someone at home to screen your mail there and forward important items to you.
  • Keep in touch with your academic advisor.
  • College departments will send important information to your MHC email account. Be sure to check that account regularly and keep it clear of any quota limits; forward your MHC e-mail to whatever other account you may use more regularly while you are away.
  • We appreciate hearing from you while you are away, whether to help out with a question or problem or just to know that things are going well.  Your experiences will help us advise other students in a more timely way, so please keep in touch, especially if you have advice or information that you think students considering your program or university should know before they make their decision about where to study.
  • When you return to Mount Holyoke you will be required to complete an evaluation form or final report about your learning abroad program. This evaluation is an integral part of the learning abroad experience and it is a very useful source of information for us and for other students. Please get it done as soon as possible after your program, while your memories are still fresh.