For All Students Going Abroad

  • Submit your overseas mailing address using the address notification form in ISIS.  
  • Obtain passport and visa, as necessary.
  • Review State Department travel information.
  • Review health and safety information as recommended by your program and the Centers for Disease Control.
  • Make sure that you have adequate health insurance and that you know the procedures for accessing benefits while you are outside the US (or your home country).
  • Register with AIG/Travel Guard and sign up for e-mail updates and alerts for your destination; be sure to print a membership card and carry it with you at all times.   Use the extensive website to obtain city- and country-specific information and resources.   (See links from the Five College Risk Management website for Student International Travel.)
  • Set your MHC email account to forward mail to whatever other account you will be using.
  • Arrange with Auxiliary Services to have mail forwarded to you while you are away.
  • Ascertain that your emergency contact information is up to date and has been clearly communicated to your family and to the appropriate offices and departments. Have a plan about how you will contact your family in the event of an emergency abroad or at home.

For Students Studying Abroad for a Year or Semester

  • Turn in your academic status notification form confirming that you will be going abroad, for what period of time, and on which program. Deadline: May 15 (for fall or full year), November 15 (for spring).
  • Review your plan of study with your academic adviser, particularly in regard to any courses that you wish to use to fulfill requirements.
  • Declare your major (if you have not already done so!).
  • If you have been awarded a Laurel Fellowship and/or expect to use any federal, state, or other outside aid, or parent loan or payment plans, toward your program abroad:
    • Send the Consortium Agreement to your program or university. Completed Consortium Agreement forms are due in Student Financial Services by June 1 (for fall and full-year programs), or December 1 (for spring).
    • Check with Student Financial Services before you leave campus to ensure that your file there is complete (if applicable).
    • Submit the Disbursement Form to Student Financial Services to authorize Mount Holyoke to release funds to you (same deadlines as for the Consortium Agreement).

For Students Participating in Summer or J-Term Projects Abroad

  • Find and confirm your housing well in advance of your departure. If applicable, ask your host to fill out the Housing Questionnaire.
  • Complete all pre-departure forms and make sure you understand what is required before, during and after your program to ensure your funding.
  • If you plan to do an independent study based on your project abroad, make arrangements with your major department before you leave.
  • Clarify your arrival and departure times with your supervisor, as well as your responsibilities during your project, to the extent possible.
  • Establish other local contacts (through other students, alumnae, faculty, family, etc.)