Faculty Recommendation

The McCulloch Center will launch an online study abroad application in September (modeled on the UAF), which will enable faculty to submit recommendations via MyMountHolyoke. In the meantime, only students applying to study abroad in spring 2014 should be asking faculty to use this webform. Please do not complete this form for any students applying to study abroad in fall 2014 or beyond.

We require a faculty recommendation for students applying to Mount Holyoke programs and exchanges abroad, and for all students applying for Laurel Fellowships (need-based financial aid). Financial aid does not transfer automatically for study abroad.

In August 2011, we sharpened the eligibility criteria for Laurel Fellowships. We want to prioritize Laurel support for students who fall into either or both of the following categories:

  • Students who have little or no previous experience outside the U.S., regardless of their major 
  • Students whose program of study abroad will significantly enhance their work in their major or minor

If you are writing a recommendation in support of a Laurel Fellowship application, we would greatly appreciate your honest assessment of the extent to which one or both of these criteria apply. For additional information, please see the full description of Laurel Fellowship Criteria.

Student's Name

We ask students to articulate how their proposed study abroad plans fit into their overall educational plans and goals.  For some students, study abroad will be directly related to their major; for others, it will be related to other goals and interests (the minor, developing language proficiency, academic interests outside the major or minor, learning about a different place and culture, etc.).

Based on the interactions you have had with this student, please evaluate her on the following characteristics (this information is especially helpful to us in selecting students for our own programs and exchanges)

For students applying for Laurel Fellowships
(financial aid) only

In order to support our goal of funding as many students for study abroad as possible, we expect students to apply for Laurel-preferred programs (formerly known as “bolded” programs), meaning programs that we have identified as high quality programs that are competitively priced for their location.