Trip to Ellis and Liberty Island

As part of the Inclusiveness Initiatives Fund Grant awarded to the International Student Orientation Committee (ISOC) in December 2007, spring and fall entrants of the Class of 2011 were able to participate in an educational field trip to Liberty Island and Ellis Island in New York City on Sunday, March 30, 2008. The pictures taken by the participants and their comments about the trip (see below) illustrate how much they learned about the cultural and social history of the United States.

Mahmuda Afrin Badhan '11 with her Favorite Poster

"It was really interesting to get to know the history of immigrants to the USA. The story presented by the tour guide suggested that the entire process of immigration was fair and decent. However, the state of the dormitory that people inhabited intrigues me and makes me want to know how things really were and what the actual facts may be."   Student '11