Campus Updates

Visit the campus updates page for information on Mount Holyoke's response to the global pandemic. 

Types of Programs

MHC Programs and Exchanges

Photo of students in the Monteverde program in Costa Rica

Mount Holyoke offers a number preferred study abroad programs. Reciprocal student exchanges are also available at a variety of universities.

Field Study Programs

Study Abroad with Internship

Photo of students studying in Shanghai

The McCulloch Center has identified courses that have a rigorous academic basis with an embedded experiential learning component. This is an excellent opportunity for students to enrich their time abroad while gaining experience, skills, and perspectives that will advance their academic program and career planning.

Affiliated Programs and Universities

Photo of the University of Sussex

Mount Holyoke is affiliated with a number of programs and universities that offer our students some priority in consideration for admission and financial aid.

Short-term and Summer Programs

Photo of students studying in Beijing, China

Mount Holyoke offers a small number of short-term courses and exchange opportunities abroad during the summer. Students may also participate in short-term and summer programs abroad sponsored by other colleges and universities.