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This MHConnect opportunity has been developed by an MHC alumna, and is being supported by the McCulloch Center for Global Initiatives and the Miller Worley Center for the Environment.


The China Shift Youth Programme is seeking to provide students volunteer opportunities to learn and work at the nexus of economy, diplomacy and sustainability.

WWF's Youth Programme aims to provide students and recent graduates with a professional opportunity to work the China office of a leading conservation organisation with presence in more than 100 countries.  Participants will get to understand the dynamics of environmental challenges within and beyond China.  Specifically, programme participants will be exposed to programmatic and administrative work of one of WWF’s leading global programmes, China’s Green Shift Initiative.

The Green Shift Programme of WWF China seeks to transform China’s economic development policy both at home and in its “going global” strategy into drivers of sustainable development. It focuses on three key sectors: mainstreaming sustainability into domestic and foreign policy, spurring financial innovation for responsible and green investment, and transforming market incentives for sustainable production and consumption. The Shift Programme collaborates with WWF teams in Africa and other regions where China’s footprint is growing.

The program will expose students to WWF China’s engagement with a wide of range of actors in both public and private sector, and provide them hands-on experience of working at a mission-driven international organization with deep roots in China.

Program Duration

Participants are expected to work 3-5 days a week or an equivalent of 22-37 hours a week and to commit a minimum of 2-6 months.

Assignments and Responsibilities

The program offers volunteer work opportunities in the following areas:

Programmatic and liaison support: Assisting with various aspects of project implementation; Communicating with project partners to obtain feedback that may include: response to report reviews; submission of report contents; editing reports; Translating Chinese-English documents. Supporting communications/public outreach; Researching various topics as may be required by the supervisor.

Possible programs or projects for students to engage include:

  • The G20 Summit and Green Finance
  • China-Africa Cooperation in clean energy
  • Facilitating implementation of Green Credit Guidelines in the banking sector
  • Greening the New Silk Road (One Belt and One Road Initiative)
  • Promoting Responsible Corporate Practices in outbound extractive investment (e.g. Chinese investment in East or Central Africa)
  • Promoting sustainable forestry management standards in China and among Chinese companies in Africa
  • Encouraging sustainable aquiculture and fishery in China
  • Addressing negative environmental impacts of commodity trade such as soybean, palm oil, and timber
  • Administrative support: Performing daily administrative tasks include documents filing, reimbursements, travel bookings, visa applications; coordinating meeting schedules and taking notes of meetings internally and with partners; Providing logistical support for organizing conferences in Beijing and in other cities around China.

What is provided

Participants will be provided background readings to familiarize themselves with the China Shift program, and assigned an appropriate supervisor/mentor to ensure a successful experiential learning experience.

The work will be conducted at WWF China Office in Beijing with the provision of a workstation.

*All participants must provide their own laptop computer, accommodation, and travel to/from workplace.

Program-specific Application Instructions:

In addition to the general instructions on how to apply, please use LyonNet to upload a resume/CV and a brief cover letter of 2-4 paragraphs describing why you are interested in this program, specific project area you are mostly interested if any, and what you wish to achieve. Questions may be directed to Ms. Yiting Wang ’12 (ytwang@wwfchina.org).

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