Cathleen Butler

Photo of Cathy Butler

I knew I wanted to become a teacher when I was in elementary school.  I started by setting up a classroom in the basement of my home at the New Jersey shore.  When I completed high school I studied Elementary Education with a concentration in Science.  After I graduated, I became a first grade teacher for three years and a second grade teacher for two.  Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences and how children learn through play was a foundation in my philosophy of education.

When I became a mother, I took time off to raise my three beautiful children.  I continued to be involved in education by volunteering, and became a paraprofessional for three years.  I am currently a kindergarten teacher in Springfield with a preliminary license.

A good friend of mine told me about the wonderful M.A.T. program at Mount Holyoke College.  She said the Directors work with you to develop a program that is exciting and useful.  I know first-hand that I am not just a number, but a person.  My advisor, Catherine Swift, has helped me to develop a program of study that works with my busy schedule and she is always willing to answer any questions that I have.  I completed my M.A.T. at Mount Holyoke and enjoyed working with the dedicated professors who truly have my needs in mind.