Anonymous HIV Counseling and Testing

Anonymous HIV testing and counseling is available to all Mount Holyoke College students. There will be no documentation of this testing in your medical record and your name will not be associated with your test results. However, please be aware that the HIV testing staff are Mount Holyoke College Health Center employees, who you may know from previous Health Center visits and who you may see again.


$20 for all MHC students.


Available on Mondays and Fridays 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Each appointment is 30 minutes. A follow-up appointment is scheduled 4-7 days later if necessary.
To schedule an appointment call 413-538-2242.

Confidential Testing

Confidential HIV testing is currently available to all MHC students. Confidential testing can also be requested as part of a scheduled visit. These results will be placed in a student's medical record. The cost of this testing is approximately $20.00 and may be covered by health insurance.

College Health Services offers anonymous HIV testing to all Mount Holyoke College Students.

The counselor will help you:

  1. Identify your risk factors, and those of your partner.
  2. Understand what your test results really mean.
  3. Understand how the HIV virus is transmitted.
  4. Identify ways to protect yourself in the future (reduce your risk)
  5. Get the answers and up-to-date information you need.
  6. Get a blood sample taken for testing.

To make an appointment contact the health center.

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