Prepaid Health Center Option

Prepaid Health Center Option

The Health Center does not participate in any health insurance network and does not bill any third party insurance. Mount Holyoke College has designed the Prepaid Health Center option to complement other health insurance plans and to ease access to ancillary services at the health center. The prepaid health center option is automatically purchased as part of the Student Illness and Injury Plan.

The Prepaid Health Center option will cover all charges for the following:

  • Laboratory Testing
  • Physical Therapy--Evaluation & Treatment
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Allergy Shots
  • Extended nursing care in the Health Center Infirmary.

The prepaid option may be purchased, separately from the student illness and injury plan at any time during the academic year. Ther is a prorated cost for a portion of a semester. Charges incurred prior to the purchase of this option will not be covered. There is not a prorated share of a semester. To purchase the Prepaid Health Center Option after the enrollment/waiver process closes, please call Student Financial Services at 413-538-2291.

Cost of Prepaid Health Center Option:

  • Annual-----$220.00
  • Semester---$110.00