Welcome to Students

Information for New and Returning Students

With the many concerns of moving into your residence hall, getting registered for classes, thinking about student organizations, connecting with new and old friends, etc, Health Services may not be an area you have thought much about.

Please just note a few key points:

  • The Health Center is available to all MHC students
  • Many of our services are free
  • The Health Center is open 7 days a week with evening hours during the academic year. Please review of Hours of operation
  • To speak with a nurse about an urgent health issue call ext 2242
  • To schedule appointments for a range of services, call ext 2121
  • Questions about insurance or billing, call ext 2089
  • All information shared with the health center staff is confidential. A release of information form which has been signed by you, is required before we can share health information with anyone, including parents, outside of our health and counseling staff.

Please review the Health Services Web site for details on our services, insurance, policies etc.

Feel free to email me, Karen Engell, directly with questions or concerns.

Karen B. Engell
Director of College Health Services