PHE Community Workshops

Workshops are an exciting and interactive way for Peer Health Educators to reach many different student groups here at Mount Holyoke. PHEs are available to travel anywhere on campus to facilitate free, fun, one hour long workshops or 20 minute M&C activities in residence halls or student organizations. Once you put in a workshop request, a team of two PHE facilitators will reply to confirm a workshop date and time. On the day of your workshop PHEs will bring crafts, infographics, games, zines and more!


Check out our four key workshops below!

TREAT YOURSELF: Understanding Stress Sleep, & Self Care

This interactive workshop helps you understand what stress is, how stress manifests in the body, how to manage commitments, and how to maximize sleep


This hands on workshop gives you the tools to understand what is in a drink, factors that influence your body's ability to metabolize alcohol, how to reduce your risk, and discusses common myths about drinking.

EMPOWERED RELATIONSHIPS: Consent, Communication, & Community

What makes a healthy relationship? In this workshop you'll explore healthy relationships through scenarios, discussing consent & interpersonal violence, and how to help a friend as an active bystander.

JUST THE TIP(S): An Inclusive Guide to Safer Sex

 This workshop talks about what options are out there for safer sex between people of all genders, how desire works, and how to figure out what floats your boat.

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