Questions for Women About Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Answer the following questions with "yes" or "no."

  1. Do you drink or use other drugs when you feel depressed, hoping that this will make you feel better?
  2. Do you regularly use alcohol or drugs as "medicine" -- to relieve menstrual cramps, help you sleep or calm your nerves?
  3. Do you talk a lot about drinking or using other drugs?
  4. Do you feel more sociable when you drink or use, or less sociable when you don't?
  5. Do your thought turn to drinking/using during times of stress?
  6. Can you handle more alcohol now that when you first started to drink?
  7. Do you drink or get high after an argument?
  8. Do you ever try to get someone to buy alcohol for you because you are too ashamed to buy it, or because you are underage?
  9. Do you ever hide empty bottles or dispose of them secretly?
  10. Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable when alcohol or other drugs are not available?
  11. Are you in more of a hurry to get your first drink than you used to be?
  12. When drinking with others, do you have a few extra drinks when others are not aware of it?
  13. Do you drink or get high by yourself?
  14. Do you buy alcohol at different places so that no one will know how much you purchase, or buy at the same place because you are underage and know you will not be carded?
  15. Do you ever go to unsafe areas to purchase drugs?
  16. Do you reward yourself with drinking or getting high after you've worked hard at home, school, or on the job?
  17. Do you sometimes feel guilty about your use?
  18. Have you ever had a "blackout" or a "grayout" -- a period of time when you remember nothing or only a portion of time while under the influence, even though your friends tell you that you did not pass out?
  19. Do you make excuses for not remembering things while under the influence?
  20. Have you ever wondered if anyone knows how much you really drink or use?
  21. Do you find that you want to keep going after your friends have had enough?
  22. Has anyone ever expressed concern or complained about your use of alcohol or other drugs?
  23. Do you ever carry alcohol, other drugs or drug paraphernalia in your bad, purse, or knapsack?
  24. Do you ever worry about hurting others or others hurting you while you are under the influence?
  25. Have you been in any kind of an accident or gotten physically hurt while using alcohol or other drugs?
  26. Have you ever forgotten or not used contraception while under the influence?
  27. Have you ever forgotten to or not practiced safer sex while under the influence?
  28. Have you ever experienced an unwanted sexual encounter while under the influence?
  29. Do you drink or use to please your partner?
  30. Do you gulp drinks?
  31. If you drink occasionally, do you have several drinks at one time?
  32. Have you tried switching brands or types of alcohol, or followed different plans to control your drinking?
  33. Have you tried switching to a different substance (i.e. switching to alcohol from cocaine use, or switching to pot smoking from drinking) when one or more get you into trouble?
  34. Have you failed to keep promises you have made to yourself or others about cutting down or controlling your use?
  35. Have you ever tried to control your use of alcohol or other drugs by making a change in jobs or school, or by moving to a different location?
  36. Do you ever feel panicky when faced with non-drinking days, or when you are without money to purchase alcohol or other drugs?
  37. Have you ever had sex to obtain alcohol or to get high?
  38. Do you drink or use to be sexual, or to avoid sexual activity?
  39. Do you get defensive if someone mentions your use?
  40. Do you lose or misplace things while under the influence?
  41. Do you drive any kind of vehicle (car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, lawnmower, etc.) after you have been drinking or using other drugs?
  42. Do you combine prescription or over the counter drugs with alcohol?
  43. Are you unable to drink as much as you used to?
  44. Do you need to drink more now than you used to, to achieve the same effect?
  45. Do you eat very little or irregularly when you are drinking or using?
  46. Do you get hangovers?
  47. Are you late for work, school, or other appointments after you have been drinking or using drugs?
  48. Do you call in sick to work, skip school or cancel appointments after you have been drinking or using drugs?
  49. Do you ever feel shaky in the morning, and find that a drink, tranquilizer or medication of some kind provides relief?
  50. Do you suffer from indigestion, nausea, heartburn or diarrhea after drinking or using other drugs?
  51. Do you ever feel frightened or desperate after drinking or using drugs?
  52. Have you done or said things under the influence that you would not have sober?
  53. Have any of your blood relative had a problem with alcohol or other drugs?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, consider evaluating the role alcohol or other drugs are playing in your life.