Ready to Quit? Struggling with Cravings? We can Help!

Medication Assisted Treatment

Whether you are ready to quit tobacco/nicotine or just worried about how to get through the day without it, medication assisted treatment can help. Students covered by MHC student health insurance are eligible for up to 90 days of medication assisted treatment free of charge. Similarly, many other insurance companies offer support that increase the likelihood of successfully quitting. If interested, schedule an appointment with College Health Services (CHS). A medical provider can review your health needs, address questions you may have regarding the types of treatment available, offer additional resources, and support you in taking steps to quit. Contact CHS at (413) 538-2121 for appointment.

ADAP Counseling

The Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program offers a client-centered, holistic, counseling approach utilizing motivational interviewing designed to enhance one’s self-efficacy and elicits behavioral change that supports reduction and/or cessation of tobacco/nicotine related products as well as alcohol and other drugs. The sessions also help students identify coping strategies to manage urges to use as well as learn healthy ways to manage stress. Interested students can self-schedule a confidential consultation with ADAP now using the MyHealthConnection portal or by contacting Jennifer Balut directly at

Counseling Service

The Counseling Service often works in collaboration with ADAP or directly with students who are interested in decreasing or discontinuing their use of substances, including nicotine and cannabis. Substance use is a complex concern that often requires the development of skills and supports to facilitate quitting and recovery. If you would like to speak with a counselor about options to address your substance use, you can call or come in to schedule an appointment at 413-538-2037.

Online Resources

  • Text “DITCHJUUL” to 88709
    • Text service for young adults who JUUL or use other vape products
    • Free, anonymous, available 24-7 to help with cravings, stress and slips
    • Regularly scheduled messages & reminders to help you quit vaping
  • Download the quitSTART App
    • Tips and information to prepare you for becoming nicotine free
    • Manage cravings and bad moods in healthy ways
    • Distract yourself from cravings with games and challenges
  • Text “QUIT” to 47848
    • Text service for those who smoke cigarettes
    • Receive 3-5 texts per day, providing tips, advice, and encouragement to help you overcome challenges and stay motivated.
  • Call Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW
    • 1-on-1 assistance from a live quit coach whenever you need it, a quit guide workbook, two weeks of nicotine replacement therapy products, and more!
    • Web version
  • BecomeAnEx
    • Create a customized quit plan for your nicotine and tobacco free life
    • Research has shown that following the BecomeAnEX quit plan quadruples a tobacco user's chance of quitting.
    • Provides live chat, texting programs, and many other resources to help you quit smoking and vaping.